Creating smooth experiences

Hello there welcome on SmoothWorks it is a personal website about me (Mike Leander), where I share my work and my thoughts. Smoothworks and I stand for the same dream; creating (immersive) story driven digital experiences. Therefore you find you find both concepts and realised productions on SmoothWorks. After all creating experiences should only be restricted by your imagination.
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Actual work

Concept - Infinity
Interactive Installation - Het Machinale Bos
Interactive Installation - Fountain of Gratitude
Website - Offerte Henny Engelaar
Serious Game - Jeroen Bosch Ziekenhuis
Commercial - Volkskrant

what am I doing?

7-12-2013 * Visualisation of Buongustos secrets 1-12-2013 * website redesign 12-11-2013 * research to a universal culture of innovation